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Blas Aguilar Adobe-established in 1794

In 1794, the Mission San Juan Capistrano built a number of adobes to house soldiers and the local Native Americans who worked at the mission.

Don Blas Aguilar purchased two of these adobes in 1845, which he named "La Hacienda Aguilar." The south wing adobe was called Casa Tejada; it unfortunately is no longer standing. The north wing adobe was called Casa de Esperanza, or "House of Hope." It still stands on the east side of the plaza.

Although once again renamed, now The Blas Aguilar Adobe, it is still the "House of Hope" because it is our goal to make it into a museum that will house artifacts reflecting the different period of San Juan Capistrano history and surrounding area, while accurately serving to educate it's visitors. We hope the Blas Aguilar Adobe, which once played a vital role in the founding and building of San Juan Capistrano's past, will now serve as an important learning tool for all to view this rich history.

The Blas Aguilar Adobe Museum is maintained and operated by the Blas Aguilar Adobe Foundation, a non- profit organization. The museum is located at 31806 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. Call (949) 493-4933 for information on the museum's operating hours.




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